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Covert art, logo & recording session's photographies for À Cran first release

Mathilde Hostein, illustration, cuir, tension nerveuse, synthpunk, art,

Illustration inspired by CUIR first demo

Mathilde Hostein, knobhead zine, featured work

featured photo in Knobhead zine

État de siège, illustration, poster, punk compilation, A World Divided Tapes, Mathilde Hostein

illustration for the punk compilation État de Siège by A World Divided Tape,

liner poster 250gm, 2020 -photo by awd-tapes-

illustration for Idées Noires fanzine no.1

intro picture of @rem.pitt's comic

 -cover art by @jeannexsmith-

Mathilde Hostein, illustration, punk, oi, tattoo, art,

Tattoo design for Rémi

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